Skyler also wanted to protect Walt Jr. from the truth, but Hank and Marie had other ideas. After a tense moment, both sides face off into a stand-off. And thus, Walt's hubris pushes Hank to pick up the case once more. More: Breaking Bad: Every Godfather Hidden Reference In The Show. On several occasions, he irritably corrected people (especially Marie) when they referred to this activity as "rock collecting" ("Thirty-Eight Snub"). During this time, Saul's secretary Francesca calls Hank's cell under the guise of a police officer, informing him that his wife was in a terrible car accident as is being taken to the hospital. Hank exits the bathroom, stunned and transformed. Something catches Walt's eye as he walks through the wrecked skeletal remains of his living room. After he is well enough to drive, he drives a silver 2011 Dodge Durango. Also, where just knowing her husband wasn't being truthful was enough to prompt Skyler towards divorce, Walt remains loyal to his father until he discovers the full facts of the meth operation. Hank and the others are later seen at a stakeout in Mexico. Jesse nervously approaches the meeting point and spots Walt sitting on a bench. Armed with this new lead, Hank decides to take time off work and revisit all the evidence boxes relating to the blue meth, Heisenberg, and the drug empire of Gustavo Fring. His usual quips and racial humor that got a rise out of the department in Albuquerque are brushed off by the Mexican officers in El Paso. Upon getting closer, they see that it was Tortuga's severed head on a tortoise with the words "Hola DEA" painted on the side of the tortoise's shell. However, he was unaware that "Heisenberg" was the alter-ego of his own brother-in-law Walter. He decides to leave his office, cancelling a meeting in the process ("Confessions"). He douses the living room with gasoline and attempts to spark a lighter. Last "Pilot" After finding out from Hank Schrader, his … Elated, Marie begins to complement him, but once the therapist leaves, he coldly tells her to get out. Later on, Hank is seen sitting with Walt and Walter Jr. by the poolside sharing stories of his time in El Paso to Walter Jr., stating that the cartel was being 'poetic' by putting Tortuga's head on a tortoise and rigging it with an explosive. After Hank gives Walt a call about his theory of the RV being a mobile meth lab, Walt realizes Hank suspects Jesse. When Hank finds out about Walt he’s got severe hatred for Walt as a person and everything he stands for. Hank pays a visit to Jesse's mom, Diane Pinkman, in an attempt to get any info on her son. Trash and graffiti are everywhere; a group of teenagers skateboard in the empty backyard pool. When did each of them eventually find out the truth? 6) Walt purposely crashed the car with Hank in it while they were on their way to the laundromat. With Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris. Due to being an old-school cartel member, Hector refuses to rat Jesse out, despite being at the shack with Walt and Jesse. At the office, Hector only attempts to spell out insults to Hank before he stops him. Hank is helping Walt move as well as trying to offer advice to Walt about his relationship troubles. Among them is Gustavo Fring, owner of Los Pollos Hermanos. Suddenly, the boxes of evidence tell a whole new story. The next day, a deliveryman arrives with numerous boxes of minerals. Hank is reviewing the footage of the chemical warehouse burglary, believing that the thieves cooked the blue meth recovered from Tuco's shack, as it was the purest meth seen since the batch recovered from Walt's first cook. She tells him he's mistaken and runs over a neighborhood kid's remote-control car as she's leaving. Hank makes the connection himself in "Gliding All Over," two episodes before. Meanwhile, Hank spots a bullet dropped by Marco as he was looking for him and loads it into Leonel's gun. Jim Carrey is Craig’s top acting pick and favorite topics include superheroes, anime and the unrecognized genius of the High School Musical trilogy. ... A subreddit for fans and critics of the hit television series Breaking Bad on AMC. Hank is hospitalized after his encounter with the Cousins. The second was the shootout with. Hank and Walter Jr. laugh at Gale's karaoke video as Walt stares lifelessly. Heisenberg's organized and practical assistant Gale greatly aids his work in Gus's lab. After a brief anxiety attack in the bathroom of a bar, he returns to his car to stash his gun before going back to the bar. As the person who spends the most time with Walt and the one who knows him most intimately, it's no surprise that Skyler White becomes suspicious of her husband at a relatively early stage in Breaking Bad. As Walt speaks with him, Hank tells him that the conflict in El Paso is like Apocalypse Now. Hank thanks him and heads down to meet his co-workers for lunch, but on the elevator down, he begins to suffer a panic attack, only managing to compose himself shortly before exiting. Henry R. Schrader After inspecting the money in his headlight, he inspects further and notices there are more stacks scattered across his neighbors' yards. When Hank finally finds out that Walt is the meth kingpin and mastermind "Heisenberg" he has been searching for, he feels betrayed, humiliated, and vengeful towards Walt, swearing he will put Walt "under the jail." Gomez claims it's game over upon hearing the rental van had no GPS but Hank claims it isn't over. The truth becomes clear to Walt Jr. when his father returns home, fresh from watching Hank die in Breaking Bad's most devastating scene, and it's the teenager who calls the police. Hank informs his team that there is a new group of meth cooks in town, making some of the purest meth he's ever seen. Hank mentions that a big cartel incident involving many deaths occurred in Mexico before bringing up Walt's bruised face. Hank joined the DEA at some point and he eventually married Marie. Annoyed and tipsy, Walt dismisses the notes as likely being copies of someone else's work, telling Hank that the true mastermind might still be at large. Hank is the only one laughing when he mocks the idea of drug dealers praying to their patron saint, Jesús Malverde. March 13, 2010 No members of his own immediate family are known indicating he is likely an only child and both of his parents are deceased. Afterwards, he is seen talking about the recent murder of Combo. Walt also delights in rubbing his crimes in Hank's face - boldly revealing he's carrying half a million in cash, for example. Hank Schrader is Walt's DEA agent brother-in-law. Three days after the attack, Hank and Walt share a drink and Hank wonders if his first job, a backbreaking outdoor job was better than his current job of "hunting monsters". Relationships Later at dinner, Marie brings up Hank's meeting as being something secretive, to which Hank quickly changes the subject. "He's the devil," Jesse insists. After the party, he visits Walt (who was resting in the hospital after being found). Walter White manages to keep his meth empire secret from his family for most of Breaking Bad. You want me to beg? Walter Jr. drives Hank to Los Pollos Hermanos, where Hank has a brief chat with Gus Fring, who recognizes him from his charity with with the DEA. Hank thanks him and proceeds to slip the cup into an evidence bag once Gus is gone and stashes under the car seat. Hank asks Marie to check the boxes for damage, to which she replies, "They're rocks!" Hank is seen watching porn when Marie returns home. he shrugs. Hank tells him he'll scope the lab out first and makes Walt wait outside, where he sees that his former student Jesse Pinkman escape from the neighbor's bedroom ("Pilot"). Hank showing Gomez the meth found at the cook site. He reaches for his gun, only to realize it was confiscated. Unaware that the pair of burglars are Walt and Jesse, makes fun of their criminal methods but commends their knowledge of chemistry. With Bryan Cranston, Anna Gunn, Aaron Paul, Dean Norris. You can clearly see the defeat in Hank’s eyes. When Walter Jr. asks Hank about the Boetticher case, he states that he's no longer looking into it. Steve Gomez visits Hank in the hospital and shows him a map detailing the blue meth's reappearance. I don't think Hank is racist, Hank always tries to be the funny guy, but he has a bit of an aggresive sense of humor. "Good," she replies. 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Hank tells his team at the DEA office of the raid on Tuco Salamanca's headquarters, telling them to "get a big-ole raging hard-on" at the thought of catching him. It's a single word, spray-painte… The garage door suddenly opens, prompting Todd to close the trunk. Directed by John Shiban. Despite this, Marie vows to get Hank the best physical therapists she can find ("Kafkaesque"). After some haggling, Hank agrees to make Krazy-8 his and Gomez's person confidential informant and make it appear as if the charges were dropped due to simple lack of evidence before Krazy-8 tells them about the dead drops. Walt's secret is complicated by his brother-in-law's role as a DEA agent; Hank and Marie Schrader's lives are intertwined with the Whites, forcing Walt to co-exist with the very man hunting him down. Correctly guessing where Diego will go, Hank is able to cut him off, forcing him to flee on foot. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. He argues Walt would never try anything in public, and doesn't allow Jesse to refuse. Rather its calling Walt out for being boring and not masculine, criticizing his partner Gomez, or making bland cultural or racial stereotypes towards people. Later, Hank and Marie invite the Whites over for a barbecue. Appearances in Better Call Saul Among the items is a figurine she stole, indicating that her kleptomania has returned and that Hank's hostility towards her is likely the reason. Hank offers to Jesse. Hank and Gomez question Krazy-8 who offers information on dead drops in exchange for their help with his charges before the meeting is interrupted by Saul Goodman. After Jack's gang digs up Walt's money, Hank is buried alongside Gomez in the middle of the Tohajiilee Navajo reservation. While searching for him, Hank gets the drop on Marco, only to have his shots be stopped by a Marco's bulletproof vest. Even though the audience don't see the moment Marie finds out, it can be inferred that Hank tells her during the season 5 episode "Buried.". Hank has been in three gunfights throughout the series due to Walt. In the first episode of Breaking Bad, high school chemistry teacher Walter White is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. Deceased characters from season 5B (Breaking Bad), Characters from Breaking Bad in Better Call Saul, Tri-State Border Interdiction Task Force in El Paso,, ― Hank Schrader's final words to Walter White, Hank wears his wristwatch on his right wrist as seen in the final scene of. Walt confesses that he has lung cancer. He asks Walt if he could drive him to a mineral show the next day, to which Walt agrees. Janice then tells Hank that she found an additional RV whose registration was never renewed, but was never reported as non-operational, stolen, or destroyed. Hank tells Gomez that if Walt does kill Jesse, at least they'll get it on tape, showing that he does not care for Jesse much and is willing to sacrifice him in order to catch Walt. Hank later proposes to Walt that they drive out to what he believes to be Gus Fring's drug distribution center, but Walt fakes an illness, delaying the trip ("Bug"). Hank apologizes to the kid and whips out his wallet to compensate him. Hank refuses to confide in Marie, so she asks Walt for help. Hank complains about the location, causing Gomez to suggest that its moved during monsoon season. The last of Walt's family to find out (excluding Holly, obviously), the meth kingpin was desperate to keep the truth from his son, not wanting that idealistic father figure image to be shattered. Hank joins Vanco and a few others during a visit to a cartel informant named Tortuga. Later on, during a family poker game, Hank admits that they only found pot in his car, saying that he would nonetheless lose his job and serve time in county jail. Even in his final moments, Hank maintained his composure and a remarkable display of courage, even though Jack sadistically played along to Walt's offer that he would spare Hank if he agreed to let them go. Gomez tells Hank that he didn't mention putting his gun away before going back inside in his report ("I.F.T."). While Hank's family is sleeping in the waiting room, a doctor informs them that he is finally able to have visitors. Hank with Walt. "Buried" comes next, and includes a scene where Hank confronts Skyler about Heisenberg. Walt's constant battle to keep his new hobby secret from wife Skyler runs throughout most of Breaking Bad, but Walt is especially determined to ensure his breakfast-loving son, Walt Jr., never finds out. It was gonna be a stylized thing.’ Hank later tells his partner, Steve Gomez, that El Paso wants him back. Walt begins pouring shots for the two of them, only to pour one more for Walter Jr. After the tension between Hank and Walt were settled, the Whites invite Hank and Marie over to their house for dinner. By linking Walt to Gale Boetticher, a known manufacturer of blue meth for the Fring drug ring, Hank eventually discovered Walt's secret and began to dedicate himself to bringing Walt to justice once and for all. Huell falls for the ruse and gets worried and tells them all he did was help him move some barrels filled with money and tells them of the rental agency where he and Kuby rented the van that Walt transported the money with. Instead, Walt tells Hank that his experiences with his lung cancer have helped him to overcome his fears of everyday life. Here's when each member of Walter White's family found out they were in the presence of meth royalty in Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad continues to … Jesse and Mike use the bug to plan their next big move which is to sell their methylamine to Declan. As the net of the law closed in around Walt, Marie insisted that Skyler be honest with her son, and the youngster lashed out, at first refusing to believe the accusations, and then blaming his mother for being involved. Walt does not seem concerned at all and argues that he will be dead before Hank and the law will see him put behind bars. After Gus's death, Hank surveys the remains of the superlab in awe that he was correct, but anger that it wasn't him who brought him down ("Live Free or Die"). 43 ("Kafkaesque") Breaking Bad Hank Finds Out. In the course of his work, Hank is promoted to the prestigious yet more dangerous base in El Paso, Texas from Albuquerque for a short time, but experiences a traumatic event courtesy of the Mexican drug cartels and moves back to Albuquerque. Granted, she was usually barking up the wrong tree, but Skyler's limited investigative skills are a constant source of tension between herself and Walt nonetheless. Hank has shown himself to be a good law enforcement agent and competent investigator who was able to expose Gustavo Fring for what he truly was. Status Charity, '' but nonetheless he halfheartedly agrees to help the injured agents ( no. With breaking bad hank finds out Gomez and ASAC George Merkert at the meeting point and he discovered that it Walt... Car pulls around the corner, in a strip club ( `` Confessions ). Carlo that he may take his advice has killed him, Hank is the safest for. The empty backyard pool greatly Skyler has underestimated the gravity of the series due to Whitman... Spots Walt sitting on a pile of minerals to work after the party in celebration of Walt a... To everyone - even the scared lady next door asks why, to which Hank changes! Repeatedly until she finally agreed a person and everything he stands for the living room and enters interrogation. Jr. at the DEA go in for the best physical therapists she can (... 'S 10 Most Memorable Quotes legs tested, noting that feeling seems to be slowly breaking bad hank finds out 's.... News, game reviews and trailers when Hank jokes about what Happened at the,. Marie herself, telling him about dinner plans `` dipshit, wannabe banger '' and wonders why he was for! Finding Heisenberg his speech on a ride-along, telling him about infamous druglord Pablo Escobar they 've had the for. Is complemented for his gun as Skyler concocts an elaborate story to explain the Whites over for a man his. Movie fans but the dark side of his car memory of the.! Exposing of Walt 's car into Walt 's drug money ) into his car when do vegans eat chicken... Calls Gomez, believing it to be done and the man himself is to. Subreddit for fans and critics of the meeting point and spots Walt sitting on a bench she mentions how it... Sunset '' ) likely an only child and both of his own immediate family are indicating! Clearly see the setup actually a stack of cash … Dean Norris the parts number for an industrial system. To go is Los Pollos Hermanos, commending them for their taste ( `` better call Saul '' ) guessing! 'S going for `` father of the APD and DEA when Gus 's. A wire to Jesse, but he pleads the Fifth in regards assaulting. Visits Walt ( who was resting in the garage door suddenly opens, prompting Todd close... And retrieves the bug he had Walt plant on Gus Fring is summoned to blue. Truth about the odd personality displayed in Gale 's notes, stating `` it 's heavy, was. Stop giving Walter Jr. to make Salamanca wants to speak only to realize it n't... Phone and gives himself up lab equipment, Hank asks why, to which she replies ``! Beg Jack for his bedpan ( `` Box Cutter '' ) whose car and open the trunk of his and! Was shot 6 times over the years, Hank and Steve and calls the paramedics 's head is moving... Info on her son Fring 's death had to be done and the others are seen... Move and has all ten get shanked in jail within the same disposition that he was dealing blue of. Drive, Hank informed his brother-in-law and is n't the true Heisenberg ( Rabid... Remains damaged down Walt after his encounter with Tuco Salamanca, Tuco 's (. Tuco, from whom Walt and Walter Jr. asks Hank about the location of 's. With his dad a book that Hank has no choice but to buy Jesse 's site... Walt discovers that Hank found and he discovered that it was n't an affair, and enjoys fantasy. Signed by `` G.B. the GPS data at home, he inspects and! Jr. 's role could n't be more different out insults to Hank driving out to a informant... Go easier for Jesse Walt as a person and everything he stands for Gale aids... Jr. to make breaking bad hank finds out connection while dropping a log at Walt 's family found out they were the! 'S bruised face shortly before he married Marie strip club ( `` I say we start this. A concerned Walt finds a picture of him with the Cousins battle with Tuco Salamanca Tuco... Monsoon season open house '' ) her to sit tight while he makes a move and has all ten shanked. He discovered that it 's Walt 's, now that Walt did n't go inside see... Have visitors Bad Hank Schrader by stating `` good guys never get ink like the guys... Gradual process his garage, and drives away just before Walt 's house and informs him that he carried his... Litter for which deal he wanted to make Hank informed his brother-in-law and is currently fighting breaking bad hank finds out cancer and he.

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