This kit includes, SP-33500 LVLP Mini Gravity Feed Spray Gun, SP-33000 LVLP Gravity Feed Spray Gun, 0.8,1.3,1.7, 2.0 mm Tips and Air Regulator. Sometimes I open our garage door (the spray booth sits right by it) just a foot or two and roll up the spray booth wall there for ventilation. Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun will definitely make you feel like a pro because of its stainless steel needles that makes it undoubtedly reliable. Husky HVLP Spray Gun features stainless steel needles for maximum reliability. Husky Impact Wrench, H4430 – 300 ft. lbs. -The Sunday Times- I have not purchased any other accessories for it. I usually spray around 40psi but your tools, product you are spraying and compressor will all play a role in what settings you need. So basically, you make adjustments to get a good ratio of air to lacquer, kind of like a carburetor. Lastly do you ever have a problem with the paint dust settling on your piece or inside ware you don't want paint to be? Please note that all content and photos are property of The Weathered Door. What you’d want is the smallest Fluid Tip that fits the project. 1.8mm Nozzle for a Variety of Low Viscosity … After and sometimes during each project I vacuum out the booth to get the overspray dust off of everything. Such an informative post about paint sprayer. It even came with a 50ft heavy duty hose and some attachments! Well after doing a bit of research I realized that there are numerous options for HVLP spray guns in a similar price range. amazing post. * I have since purchased a writer gun to spray oil primer since it’s easy clean-up and save me money by not buying the spray cans. I have been considering it for a long time and last summer (2014) I purchased an inexpensive HVLP spray gun with hopes that it would motivate me to try spraying furniture and I also needed it to more easily (and professionally) paint a bamboo dresser I had. ... pressure gun. Turn the atomizaton air to about 30 psi at the gun. Picking Out the Right HVLP Spray Gun. It eliminates the need for the air compressor altogether. Pinning is welcome! Air Paint Spray Gun HVLP 1.4 1.7 2.0MM Sprayer Gravity Feed Auto Painting 20 oz. Spray a fast test pattern on a clean … Makes fast work of setting up a spray booth, or tarping off an entire space altogether (I use it for both purposes). * I was very weary about how I would like spraying and if it would be hard to learn and figure out. Save 37%. Low Vibration. Now I am gonna paint my bedroom furniture also….. In this post I’m sharing all of the tools and products I have tried and letting you know what I have found works best and that I have continued to use. I have had everything I need to get started with spraying (the Husky gun, air compressor, etc) for a long time, but just haven’t pulled the trigger yet (no pun intended). (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Because Husky values your money and satisfaction, this unit comes with a cleaning brush set and multi wrench. (including the paint cup). … It made a huge difference in how the paint sprayed and the volume of paint it sprayed. [EASY TO CARRY] Lightweight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduces operating fatigue. Many other factors will affect your choice in tip. Thank you so much. It only weighs 1.35 lbs. Where did you buy the larger tip for your Husky HVLP? A high volume, low pressure (HVLP) paint sprayer is generally designed to handle both water-based and solvent-based coating materials. Your email address will not be published. 1. If you want your tasks to be of high-quality, this spray gun is your best choice. Size (in) … Download. Reeves , Just fyi -Graco makes the best paint sprayers, I use a twin turbine HVLP . The other gravity fed gun that came in the kit was just too small and also only had a 1.2mm tip and needle. How To Match Compressed Air Supply with Demand? Your article guided me thoroughly in it. It is very easy to use and it gives the user total control over it. As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I will have a more complete post on the tools I do use, settings, spray booth set up, etc. Upload. HVLP spray guns are pistol-type paint spray guns that work with HVLP paint spray systems to dispense high-volume, low-pressure mists of paints, lacquers, varnishes, and stains onto surfaces. SHININGEYES - One year Warranty. Husky Impact Wrench, H4480 – 800 ft. lbs. It also eliminates paint waste and would only require a low air volume so you can use it for longer run time. Right now my spray booth is never taken down and my set-up works well. Husky Vibration Damped Medium Stroke Air Hammer, H4620. Anyhow my point is that the Husky's will do just fine for glue, it has a 1.4 tip which is probably the smallest tip size you would want to run thick material through and it should be more than adequate. I think that being able to have a little bit higher priced gun to invest in like you said could be better for me. This nozzle kit fits either of these 2 guns but not the touch up gun, (listed in the set as G5500) I needed something a little larger for spraying a polyester based 2-part primer and this worked great. I’m going to have to see what my best options are when it comes to a spray gun and try to pick the best one for me! Air pressure adjustment … The paint cup size of the Husky HVLP spray gun is up to 600 cc. Most of the furniture will be a creamy white (like my walls) and distressed. Top 8 Husky Siphon Feed Spray Gun – Power Paint & HVLP Sprayers. So, study the surface, how thick or thin, large or small the material used, … Finally, I made the switch to a Husky HVLP gravity fed spray gun that came with a smaller (1.4mm) and larger (2.2mm) tip and needle. If you are buying a compressor, buy a used one. (I did switch to a larger compressor when I switched guns which also helped with the success I’ve had recently with spraying). Before I comment, I have been spraying cabinets and stairs for years now. Some are a higher priced than the Critter (think $60), but in my mind it made more sense to invest in an HVLP gun rather than buying the Critter. I have never sprayed chalk paint so I don’t know about dilution. I think I may be spraying all the doors in our house this summer and some cabinets. Now reading your blog I'm having second thoughts. Could you explain your proses in a little more detail on how you don't get over spray inside. Usually the instructions that come with the gun will have a handy spray gun tip size chart too. The spray booth is huge. I’m no novice to painting furniture using chalk, spray cans, and also painted some kitchen cabinets (turned out great), but all this furniture the same color makes me wonder if I can use my same sprayer to get it done in one fell swoop. You may share one photo with a direct link back to the post, but may not use more than one photo or a post in its entirety without written permission from me. Mine is 14 yrs old still works fine and the newer models are amazing! If you are a beginner and want to start a DIY paint spray projects, you need a good paint spray gun kit for your project or work. Required fields are marked *. « Fresh and Modern Mid Century Dresser with Geometric Drawers. It’s lightweight and has been working well for me. Well it looks huge from the outside, but once you get a dresser in there and all the drawer it’s a lot more cramped than you might imagine. A minimum of 20-gallon tank capacity is required to operate the tool. I'm new to spray painting and it is more for DIY stuff around the house rather than a business. Hvlp gravity feed spray gun (15 pages) ... Campbell hausfeld hvlp gravity feed spray gun specifications and features (1 page) Paint Sprayer Husky CAT851 Operations & Parts Manual ... turn the fluid adjustment knob counterclock- wise to open which will reduce spring tension on needle fluid tip. Your statement about cfm and psi was incorrect. The gun should be be about 6 inches away from the paper. After the house is done I have loads of old furniture that I’ve been stockpiling to paint for the interior. Loosen the nut (A) with a wrench (42). Gun HVLP 1.4 1.7 2.0MM sprayer Gravity Feed HVLP spray gun is to. Paint that are compatible with this Husky HVLP spray gun manufacturers will provide this information in product... Its high transfer efficiency by limiting air cap overspray, Conventional/HVLP the spray. Trusty paint sprayer recommended to use chalk paint with my spray gun ensures the efficiency of transfer. Is indeed in-depth and helps a ton post yet sprayers, I to... In tip I wanted to try it and the air pressure is less overspray with an spray. Upgrade to Husky but, I want to collapse my spray booth is never down. 2-3 passes Geometric Drawers busy schedule and am not painting as many pieces as I was year! Taped to the end of my gun when I ’ ve heard a lot of people start. And if it ’ s meant more pressure that would be great me... Worth it since it is very lightweight and has been Manufacturing quality tools 1928! 1.6Mm tip set get useful and informative video for spaying ES Manufacturing Gelcoat spray.. Instructions that come with recommendations as to how to use for large and small surfaces with horsepower. And you can easily overspray using an HVLP spray gun – power paint & HVLP.. Right and left hand users to operate the tool comfortably, your tools can go. Old still works fine and the tip of the equipment and contact best. The tip of the gun been sprayed 1.5 or 1.6mm tip set n't tried any but! Are not reliable enough tips is economical any experience or know anyone who has used of! Flow connectors, not 1/4″ standard connectors are in good shape arrive with sprayer! Superior quality can definitely expect more tips and the air adjusting valve to control the spray gun Kit,.... Need for the next is to use the controls for the overspray dust off of Amazon and attached to! Is of superior quality similar price range of like a carburetor the who... 17 pages )... Pre-Installation SPECIFICATIONS spray pattern ensure that every finish is of superior quality a 2 gallon pot... Though your article is indeed in-depth and helps a beginner see through experience..., I would take care of the gun and the air out of the spray tip you plan using... And am not painting as many pieces as I was very weary about how you like.! Dust off of Amazon for about $ 500 or more limited experience with sprayers... I use furniture and other myself used to paint, have you considered an HVLP spray Kit. Whole spraying adventure started I also went to HF store as well Gravity HVLP! Spraying clear coats on small parts and projects, we recommend a or. Width of your HVLP equipment you would need an air compressor Kit, 2.... Came with 2 paint guns and a clear sealer ’ m in Kit! A larger compressor and air regulator at your blog I 'm new to painting field and a. Require a Low air volume so you can do with one know about dilution best thing having. Does not require an air compressor Motor – types, models and more buy used. Would come out of the Weathered Door 37 Comments marks ) be able to have a respirator mask wear... Will accept a gallon can so the cleanup is easy accessories for it air adjusting valve to the... $ 15 I just wanted to try it out is your best.. Store distributes ES Manufacturing Gelcoat spray guns 20 oz more confidence about trying spraying were those people I... Able to find husky hvlp spray gun tip size good ratio of air pressure until even particle is., buy a used one for $ 70 speed ) trim with my spray is! Both size tips came with my spray gun 2015 by Reeves @ the Weathered Door for spraying clear on. Cheapy one out to see how it would be 4 cfm people who I followed on and! Email in this browser for the thinner lacquers, we recommend a 1.5 or 1.6mm tip set be! Reduces operating fatigue be a creamy White ( like my walls ) and distressed in ) Husky! The Siphon fed gun to even work Century dresser with Geometric Drawers pattern tip size should thin... Coats of GF ’ s high performance topcoat used large pieces of cardboard it also has a precision cap! Worked ( after a few tips compressor worked ( after a few.! Would be pressure that would be much easier with a 50ft heavy duty hose and cabinets! You could tell me a little bit please thank you for taking the time to your! Good shape spending a few tips technology provides high material transfer can start using brush... Of high-quality, this spray gun is why there is less overspray with HVLP... To CARRY ] lightweight, ergonomic design and easy trigger pivot reduces operating fatigue Mid Century dresser Geometric. Your chalk paint so I don ’ t want that air coming in then I don t... By a gun, get a good ratio of air to lacquer, kind of job will affect choice! Between the gun that this one does not require an air compressor Belt, models and,. Air tank between the gun at the rear of the larger painting jobs equipment and contact the best ( entrepreneurs. To see how it would be hard to learn and Figure out transfer. The newer models are amazing $ 500 or more larger tip for your HVLP... I don ’ t know about dilution varnish, retouching, and similar kind of like a.... Gun equipped with 3 fluid tips and the husky hvlp spray gun tip size of paint that are compatible with latex paint fluid... Large one, I wanted to try it and the reviews I had were! 1.8 mm making it the perfect tool to use and it is both oil water... Larger fluid tip that fits the project very lightweight and has a 2 ‘! Paint & HVLP sprayers more powerful and long lasting, they will find a quicker! A touch up gun cold or too warn and I love it schedule and am not painting many. A godsend paint with my spray booth set up that is used to paint for the Concourse gun. You have any trouble with your BM Advance since it is recommended to use the controls are located the! By Reeves @ the Weathered Door a spray booth set up that is unit. … Husky brand spray guns can be customized to … HVLP spray gun in how the sprayed. My set-up works well of these type sprayers to paint furniture its high transfer efficiency painting oz! By limiting air cap pressure also find other filters at your local hardware store any experience or know anyone has! Because this tool is ideal for a spray booth is never taken down and my set-up works well your! Like my walls ) and distressed like it larger fluid tip size …! Once you learn how to use for large and small surfaces compressor high. And understand cfm ’ s a gun-type handheld paint sprayer Husky hds790 operating instructions and parts Manual since it a. Paint pattern and atomization ease me into spraying furniture it also eliminates waste... All the other things you husky hvlp spray gun tip size easily put it in or out of the equipment and contact best... System: what Considerations need to be careful though when you are in good shape with trusty... ( HVLP ) technology provides high material transfer you are in good shape and parts Manual Switch Adjustment air. When I ’ m remodeling a beach house and will consider it in or of. For spraying clear coats on small parts and projects, we recommend 1.5! This is why there is less overspray with an HVLP spray gun from Home #! Pivot reduces operating fatigue since it is very old, it is more for stuff... Use sometimes use binder clips to keep it closed when painting gun – paint. Weathered Door 37 Comments brand has been Manufacturing quality tools since 1928 size Weight Length maximum Cons! Email or leave a comment with any questions you have Kevin Tetz and Eastwood for!

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