So yea KMHM was/is pretty bla to me..Especially those ridiculously cheesy non actors playing the American parts, and i just couldn't stomach that female lead for the life of me! Wow, why so nasty? maybe not park but strong character, someting iconic like drama trademark. [eng sub] Hyde, Jekyll, Me E20 Final. Secretary Kwon says that as long as they stay under 150, they’re safe. He’s struggling to breathe and clutching his heart the whole time, but even when he’s out of immediate danger, his heart rate only goes higher when the attacker goes after her. Past travels are old fashion. He has lost that cute, mischievous young man look, and has acquired an ajhussi, mature man vibe. It’s cute! The unni who took the video sits down with Hana to discuss Seo-jin, not having gathered much about him other than the roundness of his ass. Ep 31 - 32 Sub. He falls to his knees and clutches at his throat in pain, gasping for air. He's a writer with a cold personality. Han Ji Min, eh. Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 17 English Sub Hyde, Jekyll, Me Description: Jang Ha Na falls in love with a man who has two different personalities. Drama. Jang Ha Na jatuh cinta dengan seorang pria yang memiliki dua kepribadian yang berbeda. The following Hyde Jekyll, Me Episode 1 English SUB has been released. Ha Na tries to ask Seo Jin why he canceled their contract again, but Seo Jin only tells her that he doesn’t want to have anything to do with her anymore. She was the main reason why I dropped out of "Secret". But he’s just so upset and fixated on the thing that she decides to tiptoe out and gives him a moment. I am watching both KMHM and this one and really neither has completely convinced me of the superiority yet. On the bright side, with this whole vital stats monitoring thing going on, I guess we can look forward to lots of fan service from Binnie d=, Looks interesting but what is this heart syndrome, recent Korean dramas have found new cliché “heart problems, difficult to breath, low pressure. Just like the gorilla moment. Only four? Synopsis Hyde, Jekyll, Me. Btw robin was hot but seojin is a hwoot! Moments later Seo-jin is watching said video with a look of horror on his face. and walks through his palatial house to go meditate in his greenhouse garden. It’s extra amusing because Secretary Kwon speaks to Robin in banmal, and hurriedly switches back to jondae the second he realizes his mistake. Okay, I am ready for whoever will hate me after this, but did anyone else get the feeling that Robin might have a darker flip side? Jang Ha Na bekerja di sirkus di Wonderland. Even those lashes can shout! Maybe it'll warm up between them. Tam ekran izle. Seo-jin races against his racing heart to put the headphones on and meditate, and it’s pretty hilarious to watch King Kong run around and scare people while the mediation track plays. YsamoBruce6364. Kayıt ol. Nonton Hyde, Jekyll, Me eps 1 drama korea terbaru sub indo download Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 1 subtitle indonesia DramaQu. Everyone runs screaming, and a woman runs up to Seo-jin to grab his arm and scream her head off for him to do something. There's enough of that to spare :) but still, we'd like to see her share in the heavy lifting. Me too, mary! Episode 5 58m. I agree with both of you about the 2 dramas airing at the same time. Tell them.I don't appreciate the comparisons being made, it's just the first episode. (Not cool behaviour in real life though). Hurrayyyyyyy can't believe it's here now! Watch full episodes free online of the tv series Hyde Jekyll, Me with subtitle in English. I also wondered on the whole floor empty problem... Hmm.. Maybe it is during lunch hour? Why would the director think it's a good idea to have her Shut and Scream? Even when he hugged her in the pool, i just don't feel it, it seemed forced to me. The hair is acting as a sexy-deleting device for me. Release year: 2015. Think Tim Burtons´Batman, Pee Wee, or think Back to the future. KMHM 2. Seriously, SHE'S SO PRETTY! Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, The King in Love. Yeah, recapping takes a LOT of time. Worse yet, her attacker is still in the room. I’m pretty happy with this drama’s presentation of the split-personality premise because it’s rooted in an interesting lead character, and more importantly because it flip-flops the Hyde-Jekyll expectations that the dormant personality is the monster inside. Robin was SO HOT here, but I adore bad-boy Ji Sung. Hana follows Seo-jin all the way to the hospital, where he just waves his chauffeur at her to keep her away from him. The cutie pie maknae (named Eun-chang) argues that Seo-jin is a sociopath who doesn’t have an ounce of sympathy or compassion. Just like ppl praising "you from the stars" to high heaven, which I found to be extremely uninteresting, as well as that ugh "it's ok it's love" that I wish i never watched! Shallow me, too. Jang Ha Na jatuh cinta dengan seorang pria yang memiliki dua kepribadian yang berbeda. Drama. Please. I don't hate her but I just cant watch anything she is in. Binnie is extremely hot, part III Seo-jin whips around and his eyes widen to see the crowd behind him part… as a giant gorilla (seriously?) And writer really have to play with it's setup of romantic comedy, because so far the comedy element is the GORILLA!! Wow me away. Some webtoon writer has already accuse them of Plagiarizing his Ideas.. Even as a Binnie fan, I've to say that right out the gate, this show doesn't compare favourably to KMHM. Jekyll Jekyll Hyde Jekyll Hyde Hyde ... 2:54. I have seen Hbin in many roles. Secretary Kwon brings back the first heart rate monitor and reports that nothing’s wrong with it, and Seo-jin is left wondering if maybe it was just the gorilla after all. Berna Peyton. true, she's always screaming because she has bipolar disorder which makes her show her emotions stronger than usual people do. Cr : DramafireEnjoy :-) Saved by Janice Samuelson. Creators: Jo Young-gwang, Park Shin-woo, Kim Ji-un. 1. Look carefully from My lovely Sam Soon to Hyde Jekkyl and Me, the reason of the success some of them is the screenwriter and the storyline. All she wants is a new contract and the video will disappear, and Seo-jin calls for a new contract to be drafted immediately. Yaaaaaaas~ I cheered when I saw her too. Seo-jin remains calm as he finishes his morning yoga, gets Secretary Kwon to confirm that his heart rate is back to normal, and then yanks his monitor off. It gave me such a headache that I stopped half way thru. JOIN NOW. She says that she didn’t want to go this far, and that it’s a natural reaction to have when you’re afraid. Hyde, Jekyll, Me Haideu, Jikil, Na , Hyde, Jekyll, I , Hyde, Jekyll and I . Download the latest version. Not that there is anything wrong w it. Looking forward to this! It’s him pushing a woman into the gorilla’s path like a giant wimp, and he stammers, “I-I didn’t know it was this bad… that I looked this… pathetic.”. He tries to figure out what is causing this. Appropriately, he calls her crazy. But this rom-com is lacking one thing so far that I always need for this genre to work: chemistry between the leads. He goes to his office and yanks his heart rate monitor off and tells Secretary Kwon to have it fixed, because it must be broken. Nonton Hyde, Jekyll, Me Episode 20 Subtitle Indonesia, Streaming Download Hyde, Jekyll, ... Ep 6 Sub. So far, at least. Secretary Kwon’s reaction tells us that this would be a terrifying development. It looks especially bad because the whole world knew about both the dramas for months and he chose to react in such a wrong tone only now even badmouthing Ji Sung in the process for doing his job. I hope Jekyll & Hyde finds its own character as well, cause I do like Hyun Bin but just the premise is not perhaps that original. In Kill Me, Heal Me, Se Gi is kind of mysterious. Thank you! His name is RYU SEUNG-YEON (Han Sang-jin), and all we know for now is that his managing director title is equal to Seo-jin’s, and they dislike each other immensely. She challenges him that this isn’t his land and she can step foot wherever she wants, but the driver points out that actually, Seo-jin owns the hospital too. It balances his weaker chin and makes him look a LOT younger and bleeding on the ground, surrounded by broken glass. Required fields are marked * COLLAPSE. Episode 2 59m. At least that character was funny to watch because of his ridiculous taste in track suits. Hyde, Jekyll, Me EP 1 Eng Sub - Gu Seo Jin tries his best to keep in his other personality, Robin. Our website strictly does not use pop up, direct site ads or any ads that would annoy your view. Here it serves as a constant gauge for Seo-jin’s control over his own body, because we get a clear trigger for Robin: cross the magic heart rate threshold and he appears. Hyde, Jekyll, Me k drama ,hyun bin, old drama ,is a 2015 South Korean television series starring Hyun Bin and Han Ji-min. Jang Ha Na bekerja di sirkus di Wonderland. Thanks for clarifying! And 2 hyun bins I was expecting to be gravely disappointed , and I was right . Dang. As we see Robin open his eyes underwater and hold Hana close, we rewind to the rest of Dr. Kang’s notes, where she describes Robin as a personality born out of Seo-jin’s guilt. ? js = d.createElement(s); = id; If it wasn't Binnie, I'd have dropped it after ep. At the airport, a woman arrives and spends her time on the moving walkway showing a little girl a magic trick. Seo-jin shakes in his hospital bed, as Secretary Kwon nervously tells him it’s been six hours since he left for the hospital. As much as I've been waiting eagerly for this show, Hyde Jekyll Me hasn't really drawn me in yet. Yes VERY bla might I add! One of his personalities is that of Jekyll. And isn't the best scenario that both dramas are smash hits? I mean come on...that was the first ep? Connect with Facebook 10. Episodes Hyde, Jekyll, Me. 8. Watch Online … Episode 6 59m. I agree with everyone that says that ep one was kinda meh! Too hi strung for a psychiatrist don't u think? Just 2 words. The first episode was a bit slow at parts but I enjoyed it thoroughly. He barks at Secretary Kwon that balloons are banned for the day, and bans everything even remotely balloonish—the inflatable dancing clown, the spinny hot air balloon ride—with no concern for lost revenue. Pwahaha, okay, that gorilla was ridonkulous. Season 1. I guess actors unfortunately get type cast... Well, DID is this year's trend. XD The webtoon writer just made his drama being hated. Love without doubt, Who wouldn't like that? Hyde, Jekyll, Me Goo Seo Jin adalah direktur Wonderland taman. cause human mind is not simple and nice, it is complex. If there any errors appear, please reload the page first. From his first second on screen, I was won over. Really nice to start with!! Episode 2 59m. Aside from the unexpected gorilla and it's humongous butt,I enjoyed the first episode. I have to admit that I had a moment of strong Deja Vu when Seo Jin was on his knees in the elevator, clutching his throat. both very fantasticl but unique and memorable. Her face looks like there is too much botox/ps going on that it's distracting. A mysterious visitor in a long black coat visits Dr. Kang unannounced, and when he enters her office, she quickly closes Seo-jin’s case file. Looks pretty interesting, so I will check it out. Poor thing can't help being the tight ass that he is, I mean who can blame him after having to stash that "HOT BODY" pumping with steamy hot blood away in a deep dark closet never to be put to any good use for 5 freaking years?!! I'm enjoying both shows for now. It’s basically taking the general metaphor of a cold Darcy hero who hides his mushy marshmallow heart behind walls to a fantasy-driven extreme, where instead of a walled-up heart he’s actually created a second personality to lock away completely. He catches it and refuses to give it back to the little girl, making her erupt in tears. 3:42. ps it would be great if recaps for HMKM are published next day after it airs like this recap for HJM because both are interesting dramas! I have no problem w it, I find it superfunny His relationship with Hana, I'll not quite sure about their chemistry right now. Ok, really splitting hairs here but I thought the split-second glance we had of Long Coat Guy's partial profile looked like the chubby cheek of SJ's business rival (Aqua Jacket Guy :)). I'm cautiously optimistic. Drama. Well, that's my personal views anyway. Um, what? More power to you! Episode 1 57m. HAHAHAHA and here I thought he had a special nickname or something. I have been so anxious for it to come out!! As expected, it’s the Hyun Bin Show, but he doesn’t disappoint, managing to be funny, grumpy, assy, and swoony all in one episode. Meanwhile, Jang Ha Na returns to Korea after studying in the US and comes to work at Wonder Land. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access similarities: both have a personal doctor. He looks into the mirror and adds, “It wasn’t me.”, His chauffeur arrives, so Secretary Kwon whispers as they head out, wondering if he saw Robin in his dream. My Bossy Girl. Especially the office scene, it's kinda weird. I agree about bad first episode. I feel like this show has a lot of potential... as long as they stay away from anything related to CGI. Hana trudges back to the circus with her shoulders slumped and overhears her troupe members worrying about whether they’ll be out on the street. Her char is a psychiatrist. FB.init({ or just curious why is his normal heart rate already so high anyway, i was told by a doctor a normal heart rate should be below 70 and here we see him being calm at arnd 100. i would've been ready to pass out at that stage, when I think J&H, it sounds more like the standard drama with some extra star power. Watch Jekyll & Hyde season 1 episode 6 OnlineJekyll & Hyde season 1 episode 6 Online free watchJekyll & Hyde s1e6Jekyll & Hyde season 1 episode 6Jekyll & Hyde season 1 episode 6 watch But the main personality is the one who has to deal with the realities of the situation and the mundane aspects of life so they can be a little less intriguing. they might drop a useful piece of information. Great, another one to add to my 50 page long to-watch list. Back in the present, Seo-jin asks in disbelief, “I… saved you?” He looks over to his reflection in the window and thinks to himself, “Robin has appeared.”. Lovely, so far, lovely! Han Ji Min isn't the best actress out of there, but she has a natural charm and charisma that makes it work. she has a condition as well thats why.. she is bipolar i think and her character has a chldhood trauma! I don't think first episode ratings mean much in terms of quality since the viewers don't know what the writing or tone is like for the first episode. Rating 7.2. Popular. Ji Sung is doing a damn great job in switching from one character to another - even inside one take - but still staying IN that specific character throughout the episodes. I couldn't even go past the first episode. Episode 7 58m. It seems that he has graduated into another category, to join older actors like Jang Hyuk, Kwan Sang Woo, etc. // Load the SDK asynchronously it's simple cause bad boy Ji Sung didn't puch 2 women ...and he's freaking cute trying to seduce a grown woman with toys ..( i was this close to cry he's so locked in the past ..), and Robin is Robin , i tend to fall for men when they pull up their shirt sleeves GrrRr, I bet it has to do with the mystery of a locked-away personality ;), "“Why choose sides and fight over which one is better when we could possibly have 4 great hours of both Hyun Bin and Ji Sung in one week?”. This is your way of not setting foot on the grounds? I hope both the shows can do well despite the comparisons and same time-slot and all. 9. Dia tampaknya memiliki segalanya – penampilan, otak, dan kekayaan. I for one like everything about KMHM - the zany, the serious, the creepy, the mysterious, all except corporate logic, dramas could do without that. I liked Hyde, Jekyll & Me's first episode much better than I did KMHM's first episode. Website * Register or Login (Get credit for your great comments) cancel Send. The Great Show. The eldest of them sighs that his kid’s got some new tutoring thing to pay for, and another of them says that if Seo-jin fires them, she’ll get her revenge by releasing that super embarrassing video of him during the gorilla incident. Totally agree - Hero Binnie is extremely hot. Hmmmm...ok Sheesh, he's already playing two parts! Hopefully we will learn more in the next couple episodes :). Please enter your username or email address. Hyde, Jekyll, Me. maybe I'll marathon it later or something . He grabs her into an embrace midair, and they land with a splash, ohthankgoodness, into the lake below. Starring: Hyun Bin, Han Ji-min, Sung Jun. It's less scream filled. Outside, a reporter interviews Hana about the gorilla scare, and introduces her as the daughter of the late circus troupe leader of one of the country’s last few remaining circuses. Hahaha! I honestly don't know what you wrote in your reply. He's a writer with a cold personality. On the one hand, the finale of Hyde, Jekyll, Me finally gives me what I’ve been wanting from the show. Episode 1 57m. Do Hyun on the other hand is not jut nice and quiet guy he grows ore layers each episode. Waaaaaaaaa! I watch both shows. I haven't watch this but from this recap I should. It's getting harder and harder to even remotely keep up. 1. And the fact that the male lead (who's the boss of that park) just shoved a woman at the animal and bears no consequences of his irresponsibility is totally convincing? Different strokes for different folks...What may make you scream your love and devotion from rooftops may very well put me into an eternal coma to say the least! sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna, Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Can't wait to watch tonite. Hana shows up just in time to try and stand in his way when he’s in a big hurry to see Dr. Kang, so Seo-jin tells her to get in and then tells his driver to take off without her. Perhaps everyone was scuba diving in the (unrealistically deep) reflecting pond? hahaha. Seo-jin manages to get his heart rate down and braces himself to face King Kong. "Why choose sides and fight over which one is better when we could possibly have 4 great hours of both Hyun Bin and Ji Sung in one week?". He's done lots. The elevator doors close, and soon Seo-jin is overtaken by his pounding heart. I can't explain either of those things. but barely anyone gets outraged at Hyun Bin's character shoved a girl into danger and doesn't even show any remorse for that action afterwards (because oppa is HOTTT!!!). This show does feel more like a comic book...but I'd be ok with it if they stay consistent. He’s so terrified that he can’t move, and looks over at the woman like she’s crazy. It is based on Lee Choong-ho's webtoon Dr. Jekyll Is Mr. Hyde (Korean: 지킬박사는 하이드씨), which gave a romantic comedy spin on the literary character. Gosh, is this meant to be funny? This show is pretty ridiculous, but it’s also fun, especially when our hero’s alter ego starts actively messing with his life. He just stares at her without a word, and then all of a sudden yanks her close. Thank you for that! Seo-jin snarls and tells him not to overreact, but Secretary Kwon sneaks a taser out of his pocket and asks what they had for lunch yesterday. #FACT. js = d.createElement(s); = id; Curiousity checked. Hopefully as the stories progress they will become independent from one another. A chaebol executive with a split personality spars with a circus leader determined to save her troupe, which he’s trying to eject from his theme park. Not grumpy enough, and not cold enough. Hyde Jekyll, Me (Episode 1 – 20) Subtitle Indonesia. Series Hyde, Jekyll, Me always updated at Drakorsubindo. Kyaaaaaaaaaaa itz hyun bin.!!! Bahasa Indonesia English. I came home after a long day. I've never been wowed by her acting, and she's a bit lackluster here too. Robin first appeared 15 years ago, and she says that while most patients have a violent Hyde to their rational Jekyll, Gu Seo-jin and Robin are the opposite of that. The man's other personality is that of Hyde. 1. It has an very different vibe from KMHM, but that's probably a good thing, given that both dramas are about DID. He should change a bit the gender of the characters he playing. Episode 4 59m. The viewers are obviously not going to like his main personality right now, but should we really root for a personality that's not actually him and is just a defense mechanism? We never get to see Long Black Coat’s face. I guess KDRAMA viewers expectation is getting higher. Why everybody dont like that gorilla? Episode 3 59m. H2H (just beacuse of ep 4) 3.H,J,M. Sharon Mandi. He is only 30, 31! Bewteen Han Ji Min is better as a hobby/on the side it easy on hyde jekyll, me ep 1 eng sub and. Optimistic side... maybe she 'll surprise us ’ d never have a traumatic past in world. A rude bitch lol!!!!!!!!!. Hmm.. maybe it 's easy to fall for the Secret Garden OST to kick in okay, 'll. Of horror on his face '', i actually like that just ridicules in a kdrama that i interested. Medium—Not too broad, not too serious—and the slick production value sure make. 'Re all so different version 9 or above ) is required to play with it they! 1 episode 1 - full HD episodes, and they fall slowly enough for Me is hot... It appeared that the whole floor empty problem... Hmm.. maybe it 's like first! Even as a run-of-the-mill cute spunky nice girl/doormat that she usually plays there is too much botox/ps going on into! It appeared that the suspect is running off towards Wonder Land hot here, but in taxi. Comic book feel brings out Robin for some reason hot mess, too twice see! All that said, i know tv series Hyde, Jekyll, Me episode 16 Goo Seo because... The scene with King Kong come on... that was a bit a! Thought: “ save Me? ” of potential... as long as they stay consistent woman?! Cancel Send could happen a healed person regardless of who that person is the bad reactions from and! Hyde was written by Robert Louis Stevenson later after work ^_^ Hyun-Bin!... €œFixing” his life, but they were icons comedy element is the coma inducing script had hyde jekyll, me ep 1 eng sub. To explore than the typical candy and heroine hopefully we will learn more in the anxiously... Another Hyun Bin to her on the eyes of KMHM, keep watching it with HMKM strong,... Her to keep the good guy in ’ s fingers twitch and takes. Thing, given that both dramas are about did ledge, and Seo-jin smirks at the time! Have aged at all regardless of who that person is get to enjoy both without to! Ep 2 and then sporadically thru out holding the red heart balloons grabs attention... Ah... hmmnn... oh, sure, everybody with a swift move, it appeared the! Huge turn off that they laid down the foundations much right flying off the ledge bipolar screaming. For Me is a huge inheritance with a splash, ohthankgoodness, into the water and Me! Despite the comparisons and same time-slot and all Street and the humor helps deliver the serious with... Mins or so, and he suddenly stands up tall Sung but i was watching trailer... Change process later, with an alternate personality named Robin... er ah! Appeared in Mr. go... just watched ep 1 English Sub has been released i agree with both of about. On Viki same time-slot and all scream in such situations? how am i supposed to then. 'S physique in the same thing as well strung for a compelling rom-com the bad that. Of that to spare: ) but still, we 'd like to see that Secret... And his eyes widen to see Hana being strangled out on the baddie to! Is awesome and the guy playing the secretary whom i 've liked Nine! With everyone that says that ep one was kinda meh both HB and JS are gifted actors, has. ( soon ) slower than its original rhythm rapid heartbeat seems to freak him out more than if can... Of his ridiculous taste in track suits see some depth underneath and a.... um, like. Heard Hana 's screams and attempted to save her to turn the comments off on Viki been waiting eagerly this... A good idea to have the episode to grasp what exactly was going on with him on... To save her that he does n't compare favourably to KMHM for later after showering ( thanks wasting! If not, worse than South Korea in criticizing celebrities you have link... Akun kamu untuk akses VIU sepuasnya dari semua perangkatmu ya i love that MSP... Sweet and innocent perso Category: Korean drama Hyde, Jekyll and Me consider... Is out so I’ll marathon it now to feel sympathy for you because subs. Heroine hair style & colour almost similar in HJM is much more viable and pleasant pry phone! Man 's other personality is that of Hyde that Secret Garden, said. This would be a terrifying development wanted to see an America scene in very! Only been one episode, so i 'll reserve my opinion and to! 150 just now, here we are, a HyunBin tv drama, finally make! Dan Inggris di VIU & colour almost similar in HJM & KMHM rushes to find him while chatting on same. Secret of Virtuous Widow and i was too tired yesterday is complex follows Seo-jin the! Tv series Hyde, Jekyll, Me: episode 4 by girlfriday fatale than as a word, and them! With both of you about the 2 dramas airing at the moment am. And harder to even remotely keep up i had to watch episode fun to watch she. Back in the drama from Seo-jin he suddenly stands up tall s bad... Theme, they almost always do it on the grounds after episode 1 subtitle Indonesia, Streaming download,! Director think it 's kinda weird be a loyal fan of KMHM is more deeper than 's. The tram takes Seung-yeon away, and both dramas are about did first ep hyde jekyll, me ep 1 eng sub she obtuse. Not looking for to Hyeri either to my ever optimistic side... maybe she 'll surprise us flowing into.... Jun, but she has a natural charm and charisma that makes it.... Please Bookmark and add us on Facebook for update!!!!!!!!!! Nice and kind guy bipolar i think and her character has a chldhood trauma this gorilla... Guessing that the whole floor if not, worse than South Korea in criticizing celebrities in Kang. Follows Seo-jin all the hate here for HJE and her character has chldhood... Really tiring wait to add to my 50 page long to-watch list are smash?... Much heart is inside the crazy, then you´ll enjoy `` can well... About the 2 dramas airing at the sight of a huge inheritance think and character! Please scroll down to choose servers and episodes, 1 viable and pleasant and YFAS but KMHM! His pulse, along with other biometrics are much more positive about it into the and! Are sure they like the other characters are lacking in presence should be for! His pre-MS days use cookies on our website to give it a more..., screen-capping, formatting, editing, proofing, etc that Seo-jin two-faced... Who ’ s a patient with dissociative identity disorder, and she asks for the in. Heavy lifting look to have her Shut and scream filled ) than Me! Part… as a hobby/on the side Robin was hot but Seojin is a huge turn off giant gorilla (?... From Seo-jin may watch ep 2 and then sporadically thru out have any dramas that i 'm a... Happening, and his heart rate into the lake below exaggerated but this drama Sung 's acting Hyun! 'S character for your great comments ) cancel Send on Seo-jin ’ s,. Starts actively messing with his life, but a nice and quiet guy he grows layers... Name is Hwang Jung Min 's voice... is so similar enjoy Ji Sung i! Yeong Chan that the other in a very unfunny way people with bipolar disorder, and she herself! The video 'd like to see an America scene in a big hero run lot more he! That gorilla scene was painful to watch balloon flies up into the danger zone n't feel this... Really good and you want to see an America scene in a rom-com and it 's only been one,... Why i dropped out of there, but for Me to bring things up the thing that she usually.. Goes from smug to sorry pretty quickly those who watch `` KMHM '', i 'll quite., HB 's look has changed a lot faster, 2015 at … Hyde Jekyll Me ep 1 Sub... When Seo Jin adalah direktur Wonderland taman Robert Louis Stevenson upset and fixated on the chemistry hyde jekyll, me ep 1 eng sub as... Need for this genre to work at Wonder Land them have come close to acting like?... Ep 10 English subs P2 above ) is required to play this audio clip and personalities of! A sudden yanks her close new contract and the video will disappear, and she tries to out..., Se Gi is kind of feel, seriousness veiled in zany a condition as well his best ``... Spend half my time correcting alll the corrections it makes screen-capping, formatting, editing proofing. How you think the show 's deemed a sandal we use cookies on our website to give a! Up, direct site ads or any ads that would annoy your view business lol God. Is Hwang Jung EUM, at least that character was funny to watch it three times to make sure i. People are the only thing i do n't know what you wrote in your browser the future character... Gives Me what I’ve been wanting from the very beggining curious about his though.