Institute of Politics. of your choosing through the College of Social & Behavioral Science, or the Hinckley public health, health policy, and research. Health Policy today is determined by the goals and actions of health related decisions in a given society. Social policy refers to governmental and legislative efforts to implement changes to benefit society or a particular segment of society and, in this sense, is a social intervention. Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) is an interdisciplinary undergraduate program that draws from three of the major strengths of Brandeis: the life sciences, the social sciences of health, and the health policy of the Heller School. With a Bachelor of Science (BS) in Health Administration and Policy (HAP), you will be prepared to be a leader in the modern health care industry. Learning Abroad, leadership groups, or research projects with a faculty mentor. This hybrid modality enables you to participate in the program while maintaining personal and professional commitments in your place of residence. communication, or access to health services can all contribute to an individual’s The Health, Society and Policy (HSP) Program addresses the multidimensional characteristics of human health. Health, Science, and Society Health, science, and society is a cluster of undergraduate and graduate courses, programs, and events that address the meaning of health and illness, advocacy for health and health care, and structures of medical and scientific knowledge. settings. Graduates of the HSSP program go on to careers in the fields of medicine, dentistry, public health, clinical therapy, social work, genetic counseling, biomedical research, law, social policy, and public service — among many others. go on to apply to graduate professional and academic degree programs, such as medical The coursework is intended to guide students toward an understanding of the multidimensional character of human health. Health: Science, Society, and Policy Program U alumni have found employment in hospital and clinic administrative positions, The OHSU Food Systems and Society program is offered in an accessible, online format, complemented by two short campus sessions per year. The Society has a primary responsibility for selecting its editor whenever the editorship becomes vacant. The USC Schaeffer Center for Health Policy & Economics and the Aspen Institute’s Health, Medicine & Society Program have together established an advisory panel to consider how the U.S. can better link the price of health technologies to the benefits they provide to patients while ensuring a sustainable healthcare ecosystem that supports innovation., Pictured: HSSP and Biology Major Farzana Parveen ’19. administration, philosophy, and history. We are here to bring scientists and the community closer together, to teach and learn about science policy and the related issues we all deal with, and to help each other with opportunities and advancements in any scientific field we wish to pursue. The Health, Society, and Populations (HSP) B.A. The Health, Society and Policy (HSP) Program addresses the multidimensional characteristics There are few programs like HSSP in the country; the emphasis is studying multiple perspectives on health and healthcare. Health: Science, Society and Policy Program Rabb 259 MS 055 415 South Street Practice Experience (3 credits) In 2000, the Society established three electronic ListServs to facilitate communication about Society business and the policy sciences in general. A.E. for understanding health, allowing them to sensitively and effectively address health Curriculum for the Master of Public Health (MPH) in Social and Behavioral Health Sciences (45 credits) Students seeking the MPH in Social and Behavioral Health Sciences degree must complete 45 credits of academic work with a minimum GPA of least 3.0; earn no more than nine (9) credits bearing grades less than “B,” and complete the degree requirements within six years. ", When I got to Brandeis and I discovered HSSP, I realized that there was a way to do tikkun olam through public health. students also join student organizations related to their career plans—such as academic or socioeconomic status of an individual might impact their ability to access or obtain About the Margolis Scholars Program. In 2016, the program was moved from the Graduate School to CBSHS, and in 2017 to the Department of Political Science. The major in Health: Science, Society and Policy capitalizes on Brandeis University’s enormous strengths across the many disciplines that contribute to our … Students in this program are given the broad, interdisciplinary foundation International cases and examples are integrated into the study of these issues in the United States. groups for premed, pre-physician assisting, pre-law, and many others. In order to reach this goal, however, we must be able to understand the role behavior and social factors play and how they contribute to public health solutions and policies\. You’ll put patients first and gain a solid understanding of health care institutions, management processes, public policy and social issues. The ultimate goal of public health is to achieve and sustain healthy populations and environments\. — Jordyn Seri ’18, “I saw the HSSP major and realized I could take a multifaceted approach to learning about the healthcare system and medicine.” — Mitchell Beers ’17. WHAT IS HEALTH, SOCIETY & POLICY? Waltham, MA 02453, Health: Science, Society and Policy Program, Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP), How to Declare (or change) Your HSSP Major or Minor, Undergraduate Departmental Representatives (UDRs), Careers, Graduate and Professional School, and Alumni, Exploring Options for Graduate & Law School, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, Rabb School: Graduate Professional Studies, Health: Science, Society, and Policy Program, Learn how to declare (or change) your HSSP Major or Minor, Generations of students collaborate in Nobel winning lab. The MPH degree in Health Systems and Policy (HSAP) provides students with an understanding of the organization and delivery health care, the sources of payment for health care, and health policy and health system issues in the United States. school. This major has 12 required and one pre-requisite course. ListServ. Through the Health: Science, Society, and Policy (HSSP) program, you will explore wellness, disease and treatment through a multidisciplinary lens. degree provides graduates with a broad liberal-arts education, in addition to a concentration on social science based approaches to understanding health … HSP students take courses from a variety of fields, MS 055 Students may also choose to minor in HSSP. “I actually came to Brandeis for the HSSP program,” said Danielle Gaskin ’18. Learn how to declare (or change) your HSSP Major or Minor.