Ki Sense– The abi… Class Xeno Trunks can also use the technique as his Super Attack in Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle. First, Future Trunks throws his opponent up in the air and points both his hands up in the air. returns as Future Trunks/Xeno Trunks's Super Soul it no longer increases Heat Dome Attack's power as it boosts Ki Blast-based skills by an extra-large amount temporarily when any Awoken Skill is activated though as Heat Dome Attack is a ki blast-based Ultimate Skill the power of the attack will be increased as long as the effect is active though this applies to all ki blast-based skills and not just Heat Dome Attack.[3]. It also appeared in Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit and Dragon Ball: Raging Blast. Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Universe Mission!! In Dragon Ball Heroes, the attack can be combined with two Kamehamehas from Goku and a player avatar; the combined attack is so powerful that it blasts the opponent into space. Users Then, he charges a large dome of yellow energy around himself. Trunks is one of the protagonist in the series and he first appeared in the DBZ series. When Future Cell attempts to attack with his tail, Future Trunks catches it and throws Future Cell up into the air. Thanks to his training from the present timeline, Future Trunks easily outclassed Cell and knocked the Android down into the ground. This combo is entirely dependent on whether or not you can get to your opponent in time to catch them with the grab. Cell then prepared a Kamehameha in hopes of destroying the Earth, but Future Trunks countered and destroyed Cell with the Heat Dome Attack, declaring that the nightmare is over. Debut Then, he charges a large dome of yellow energy around himself. Though Vanish forever! Then, he charges a large dome of yellow energy around himself. It also appears under the name Finish Buster in Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Butōden. Hope you all enjoy today's video! From this energy dome expels a gigantic Finish Buster up at the opponent, inflicting an enormous amount of damage. : Pros: Cons: Advancing Buttons: Many normals (5LL, 5M, 2M) have good reach and move Trunks forward. Directory: Techniques → Offensive techniques → Energy waves Heat Dome Attack (ヒートドームアタック) is Future Trunks' final and most powerful attack in his Super Saiyan form. Increases Arts Card Draw Speed by 1 level for 30 timer counts. Misc. Both characters play remarkably different from each other,the only moves they share are